Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whale Watching?

Last time I visited California I was on a tighter than usual budget, but had ampul time on my hands. *This is just how life works and we all know it.* 
However, as the saying goes "when in Rome..." and I was in California right? How could I not partake in the fun things Cali has to offer? Well, lucky for me I have family in Cali to lead the way! My lovely SIL jumped right on GroupOn and found a wonderful "LifeHack", as I like to call them. We got very cheap tickets to go whale watching, but what we were unaware of at the time is that we would see no whales. It was the wrong time of year for that, hence the cheap tickets. Does this sound like a problem? Well watch below and you MAY change your mind...


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Full on Coffee Addict!

When I first met my husband, the only attachment to coffee I had was with my memories of mornings breakfasts on my grandmothers farm. I had vague memories of her giving me lots of milk with a touch of coffee when I was young... I did NOT like it, at all! As close I came is my Chantico. Coffee to me was so bitter... and not drinkable at all. At 19 I met my lovely husband as well as his family, and as we have covered in the past, they are Bosnian. This is a metaphor for *big time coffee drinkers*, not just any coffee, what most Americans would call Turkish coffee, or my hillbilly grandfather would've called cowboy coffee. I, at 19, turned my nose at this, coffee to me was so bitter. 

At about 25, we moved into our new apartment, and with it came a new town, and new places to explore! I found a wonderful place for a sugaraholic like me called South Bend Chocolate Company. I decided one day to try their mocha, verses their hot chocolate. I'll be honest, the chocolate spoon did me in. These mochas were extra extra sweet, so when I began to drink mochas from Starbucks they were very bitter in comparison. I had a few friends, however, that I met on a regular at Starbucks, so I drank them for awhile.

You may have already noticed where I am going with this story, now I am a full on coffee addict! Although I am now drinking Bosnian coffee, Turkish coffee, or Cowboy coffee (however you like to call it), I still drink it with tons of sugar and I LOVE cream in it as well. I get teased a bit from the Bosnians about this, apparently I drink coffee *like a child*, but I can tell you this: 
The child me, at grandma's farm, did not like that coffee taste at all!
Its a love/hate relationship with this progression of needing that coffee *bitter* taste :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A home travels

Do you remember quite a bit ago I poured my heart out to you about "home" over here...
It's amazing how you don't appreciate things till they have slipped into the past.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chantico Dream

A long long time ago in a far away time, I would go to my local Starbucks and purchase this tiny little  (maybe) 4 oz. cup of dreamy chocolate. My younger self was not partial to coffee or the taste of it AT ALL (my how times have changed). This little cup was so cute, and honestly the sugaraholic in me could've drank 5 of them in one day. 

Then one day *gasp* I merrily skipped to Starbucks, only to have my heart crushed! They had discontinued my precious drink, apparently their were not enough people ordering it. I genuinely believe this to be because not enough people knew about it!
Why were they not advertising this magic?!
Okay, I digress...

Fast forward about a decade, no I'm not kidding...
While in California visiting relatives I found some yummy chocolate bars, like the extra special *wine-tastebud-quality* chocolate. This was the kind of chocolate that would be sacrilege to just open and eat, so I brought it back home and stewed over what special thing to do with it.

You guessed it! I had a sudden flashback to my precious chantico, so I got to work trying to find the perfect recipe. I had one shot to get it right, and SO right it was!
I halved this recipe, considering I didn't have enough chocolate to make a full batch, and it was still perfect I assure you.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn Crafting for kids

There is about two whole things that I love about Autumn, #1 Boots! and #2 the falling leaves/changing colors. That being said, when fall starts to fall I start to stay "in" more often... drink hot cocoa, and have movie nights as well as crafting time.

I am very blessed to have two kids that love to do crafts with me. My oldest is so in tune with crafts, as you saw last week, so I know she is going to enjoy this one once she sees it!

I found it over at Pinterest, of course.

I'm so in love with these and can not trace back the link :/

However, I found this one too, and it is just as adorable! This blog is where this links too.

Can't wait! When we are done you shall be sure we will share our end result ;)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pho sure!

Okay guys, I am from the MidWest so please forgive me that I am a little late to the party. I didn't try sushi right away, and now I am guilty of just trying Pho for the first time. BUT... can you say flippin' DELISH?! 

Oh the love. I call myself a foodie very loosely because I am a little skittish to try things, but the heavens opened up for me on this one. I love beef overall anyway, so I tried the rare steak & well done brisket. Lucky for me I had someone with me that was a pro. They explained the Thai basil & bean sprouts, well the saracha too, but I don't do spicy too well so I skipped that.

Now to the point! I wanted to attempt to make this at home.  We all know that it is costly to go out to eat often, however this wonderful dish begs to be eaten often. I first found a lovely recipe on Pinterest for the pressure cooker, but the yield was astronomical. Just when I was about to pull out the grocery list and add freezer bags to the ingredient list, I came across this:

What?! AND its organic??? Yes please! I will be on the hunt for this asap, just add noodles and tender lovely beef. Now how hard is it to find bean sprouts and Thai basil?
Be still my heart... and stomach.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Visitors

Now I don't know about you all out there, but when we do Halloween, we just do some trick or treating and call it a day. We load our kids buckets FULL, then the parents sneak the "good candy", and then let the kids go crazy for one night a year. We are not the family that has an elaborate Halloween costume party, although I'd like to do that once. 

We ARE however the family that does more traditional Thanksgiving family gatherings. That all being said, I stumbled across this on Pinterest. I'm in love with how fricken adorable these are. 

I traced it back to tadkapasta and it seems they are calling these to be for Halloween...
I, as you've guessed, would do them for my Thanksgiving gathering. Now all I need to do is get a gathering of people to visit Colorado for Thanksgiving. ;)