Thursday, December 11, 2014


Now that we are in a new city, with new things & new places, new traditions have begun. We all have those special things that we do throughout the year, magical things that occur year after year. What are your favorites? We, as a family, have a ton of them that we will continue, but now that we've moved some of them will have to change. I don't mean to say these things in negative connotation... in fact the opposite! 

These last two weekends we did some really fun things that would have never been an option in Indiana! I am excited about exploring the city and all the new opportunities it has to offer. While we are melancholy about our friends in the MidWest (pictured above), we hope to get them to Colorado to enjoy all our new favorite places!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Giving warms the heart

If you're like me, you want to give and give and give some more around Christmas. I give till I get myself in trouble. I like to shop anyway, and then I continue to see things that "remind me" of this person or that... I have to let them know that I was thinking about them, right?!

Well to keep myself out of trouble, in more than one way, I stay at home one weekend in December and bake & make candies. My munchkins and I have a blast, create memories, & mama spends less dough. {pun intended}

Creating these treats helps me to give baskets to people that I love and think about without breaking the bank. On this occasion, however, I found myself without enough actual baskets to pack in. So here was my innovative solution! Remember the boxes that cuties come in? Yes! I wrapped that sucker in some gift wrap and viola! Instant Christmas basket!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tis the season.. for Baking

There is no time more than the holidays, that I love to bake! Unfortunately this year my mixer is in storage... I've been hunting recipes on Pinterest that do not require a mixer. If you have anything for me, please comment, I would love to know what "works" for you, & of course, what tastes delish.

In the mean time I found a site that shows how to cream butter and sugar, but I am now debating how the rest of the process would work?!

I may just look into some pre-made, do they make that in organic dough? :) I'll let you know what I decide, but in the mean time.. enjoy my trip down memory lane with these most adorable pictures.

Monday, December 8, 2014

No place like home for the holidays

Let me start off by saying, overall, we have been adjusting quite nicely here in CO. I have loved the weather thus far, one day it might be 27º F, but not to worry, the next is 72ºF... not lying. We are in an apartment at the moment, and as a mother and wife I can appreciate how little space I have to clean. I can in fact attest to the fact that we are "closer" by living in an apartment in fact. I kinda like it :)

In the midst of the Holiday season, I am starting to miss my house however. I miss my huge tree, my picture windows with snow outside, and most of all my mantle. So today, I am sharing this nostalgia with you. Is it not beautiful? *sigh*

Life is give and take right?! <3 font="">

Friday, December 5, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle my Christmas Stars

Before you get too excited by these lovely images, please note they are not my photos, and *sigh* not my living courters either. I am madly in love with this entire kitchen, but the only thing I can claim is that this beautiful star from IKEA. 

Now that I not longer have to drive two hours to visit IKEA, I love it all the more. It is nice to see something unique, not the same ole same ole at the other big box stores. Must be that European influence I love! wink, wink ;)

When we lived in the MidWest it was so unusual to pay a visit, it became almost an "event" to get to go. Now that I live close-ish, I run in and out often, and have even went there just to have breakfast... its taking some getting use to. 

Anyhow, back on subject... here are our spares Christmas decor this year, this also is taking some getting use to. They are quite lovely, but simple.. they will make a great addition to my others next year in a house. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

I have been a busy lil elf lately, sorry for the lack of posting. Once Halloween comes and goes, this mama's brain goes into overdrive! Feasts, cookies, candy, decorations, & presents!

I found this beautiful terrarium over at Pinterest, and immediately fell in love <3 p="">

Considering that my 10 ft tree can not fit in our apartment, this might be a good option for us this year. What do you think? Do you like the Earthiness of this?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whale Watching?

Last time I visited California I was on a tighter than usual budget, but had ampul time on my hands. *This is just how life works and we all know it.* 
However, as the saying goes "when in Rome..." and I was in California right? How could I not partake in the fun things Cali has to offer? Well, lucky for me I have family in Cali to lead the way! My lovely SIL jumped right on GroupOn and found a wonderful "LifeHack", as I like to call them. We got very cheap tickets to go whale watching, but what we were unaware of at the time is that we would see no whales. It was the wrong time of year for that, hence the cheap tickets. Does this sound like a problem? Well watch below and you MAY change your mind...