Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's in T-minus 10...

We have officially hit February 4th, ladies & gentlemen. I know that this day might just be another day in the neighborhood for some of you parents, but I challenge you to make your feelings known!
Some days I feel like I have fallen into a day to day routine now that I have children, how about the rest of you?

 However, on a side note, I have also recently made a major life breakthrough, mentally. Not to get to sappy, but once you loose someone close to you, you really start to appreciate how short life is. So again, make it a point on this "Hallmark Holiday" to participate.

I understand the cheesiness of it all, but remember when you're on the receiving end of it, you truly do appreciate it, right?! So write a cute lil message on their morning banana....

Put a quick note on their dashboard....

Or if you are feeling extra LOVING <3 p="">

How about my treat from last year.. I made a brownie box mix, added a couple drops of raspberry extract into the mix & once it was cooled I cut them out with a heart cookie cutter. For the "sauce" I mixed raspberry jam with a little apple juice to dilute it and shook it in a shaker till it was thinned down. I then just spooned a few droplets to add color to the plate. 

SO what do you think? Will you take the challenge?

Sometimes these little, very unexpected things are better than the standard card and flowers.
Surprises are a lovely thing <3 p="">

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