Friday, March 6, 2009

My girls

So I have decided that my ALisa is growing up officially. To all those moms out there...
do you ever look at your child one day, and it slaps you in the face that your child has grown up about 6 months worth, over night? Today was one of those days for me... we were just driving to the store and I look over at her and she was smiling so big! Then with that cute little hand she covered the smile up and cocked her head back in amusement! In that small moment in time I officially decided she was a *toddler*! Yikes... it was just a few months ago that I had two babies under two. Now they are my "girls".. one is babbling for the first time and the other is getting lippy for the first time.

I worked on a header for this blog all day today, and forgot to e-mail it to myself so that I could post it. URghh! It will be coming soon tho.
I will be calling this blog Dvji Prineze... (two princesses)...
Till then

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