Friday, March 4, 2011

Alisa's 3rd Birthday- Tinkerbell part 2

This was by far my favorite party to put together for my kids, thus far. Maybe it is because I am partial to Tinkerbell myself, or maybe it's because I am in love with glitter. Pixie dust is basically glitter, right? Glitter was about the only thing missing from this party.. I got a little overly carried away with the party decor. We cut fall leafs and hung from our patio door blinds, as well as spring leafs on our stairway. When decorating for this party I took my cues from the Lost Treasure movie, with all of the seasons. My girls were big into watching it at the time. As you can see beside my Tinkerbell tissue paper floweret, I hung snowflakes as well. We had X-mas decor up still, since my daughters birthday is within a few days of. I took advantage of this, and weaved purple ribbons in all the garland instead of the usual maroon. Overall, I was absolutely ecstatic how the decor turned out for this party!

The sweets table wasn't over the top, because we didn't have a ton of kids coming. We did make up Tinkerbell bags, which I was just in love with the graphics on.
Custom water bottles from mommy... because as I have said before I am a graphic designer at a label company. I loved how the labels turned out honestly. Do you love them as much as I? And last but surely not least, my skewers of fruit. I like to call them Tinkerbell wands hehe. This was my first time trying starfruit, can you believe that? Not to be a downer, but really wasn't feeling it too much, but they looked pretty :)

Finally, friends.. This is what the party is all about, isn't it people? My littlest princess awaiting her friends to come to party it up with her. My big princess blowing out her candles, and showing off her amazing modeling skills. At the end of a great party there has to be a spot of tea to top it all off nicely!

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