Monday, March 7, 2011

Faux Raspberry Mocha

Isn't this cup beautiful? I spotted it at Marshalls, and I couldn't walk away from it. I bought a pair actually :) With this cup, I was inspired to write about another love of mine....

some people like Margaritas, some people wine, some people like Throwback Pepsi, while others like Dr. Pepper. Not me, I obsess over Starbuck's mochas.
During the winter months I go with a peppermint mocha, and sometimes just a plain o' mocha will do, but kids, we are headed into Spring!
Raspberry Mocha for me!
I know what you might be saying... but Katrina, Starbucks gets a little pricey if you make a trip there too frequently. Well, I got the hook up for you then :)

Just add water!
Start with your regular hot chocolate mix, and make according to directions on package.
Next add a half {according to MY tastes} package of these travel instant coffees, & yes you can buy the cheap one.. there are so many other flavors competing anyway.
And finally get your syrup ready, I add 2 Tablespoons, but that might be because I not only have a sweet tooth, I have a sweet FANG!
Voila! Yummy Faux Raspberry Mocha, and you didn't even have to brew a cup of coffee :)


  1. The cup is adorable and the recipe sounds delish!

  2. what a cute cup! my hubby likes mochas too. I have to watch the credit card statement closely or he goes a little crazy.