Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday Finds- Pinterest

I just signed up for Pinetrest this past weekend, and I am in LOVE!
I am kicking myself in the butt...Why didn't I think of something so cool? I always wanted somewhere to put my thoughts and ideas, but in the form of pictures. I have three notebooks in my purse {I am not exaggerating either}, but this is not the same as visually seeing what someone is talking about.
On Saturday night, I was holding my eyes open till 12. I was going through things that I want/don't really need. This is when I told my husband "It's better than shopping! you can put things in your basket, put not spend one dime."
As you can can see if you visit me over here...I haven't gotten really far, but that is part of having a family/home/not enough time on your hands. What time I had, I put into the "general home things" board. You can see where my priorities lie, right?!
Come check out my page over here, then request your invitation today. It's a ton of fun, I'm telling you.

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