Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fruit Dip & Fruit

So have you ever noticed that fruit dip in the produce section? The one loaded with a bunch of preservatives you don’t want? Why do we buy these? They don’t even taste good, at least not after you try this version.

This dip is the easiest thing to make.. NO seriously the EASIEST! 

Ready? Buy a packet of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the one in the “box” {whatever that net wt. is?!} Then get yourself a jar of Marshmallow Crème. Let the cream cheese get to room temperature, and put both ingredients into a bowl and mix. SO simple! Cut yourself up your favorite fruits, and put them fancifully on a plate. Done.


I personally like to go with a rainbow of fruits on the particular dish I use most frequently, but for this picture I didn’t quite get the green grapes this time. Still cute though, right?


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