Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay! Now I know there are a boat ton of women out there that have kids AND a full time job, which I sort of do too (I work four 9 hr. days). But here is the question… How do those women keep up with everything?!


Do you ever scowl at those little “jobs” that just drive you nuts, but you just can’t get to? Yeah like this little mess… HOW does it get like this?


Check each pen for it’s writing ability, and this is what I accomplished with my extra day off a.k.a. Labor Day :)


I was quite pleased with myself once this one was done. Then, I proceeded to finish the rest of the top of my fridge. Man, that place was DiRTy! Now give me about 25 more days like that & I could get my house in order, don’t ya think?! hahaah

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