Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maya little Ghost

When baby Maya came home from the hospital, Alisa use to call her Maya baby. I still think that is the cutest thing ever. She was not just Maya, she was not my baby, she was Maya baby. Anyway, that is just a side note in this post.

Maya’s first Halloween she was still quite little, 5 months to be exact, I thought seriously about not dressing her up. She was going to stay at home with her daddy, after all, and pass out candy. Then, I came across this cute onsie at Wally for like $5, who could pass that up?!

I brought it home and pondered for a bit.. white tights and this onsie was just not enough. I certainly was not going to invest more money, when in the beginning I wasn’t even going to dress her up. Thinking….. Then? Wait. I had an idea! I can make her a “skirt” (this was before I saw the homemade tutus or even how to make them). I just went with my crafty instinct, a piece of ribbon with white material tied around it…. wedding crinoline ? No, too scratchy for a baby.. what else did I have laying around the house? The idea hit me as I was drifting off to sleep.


I tore up a sheet into strips and tied it around the ribbon… by the looks of this picture I think she liked it!

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