Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy Gloomy Monday…

& you don’t feel like cooking, right?! Well… I don’t claim to be the “best cook/mommy” but I do know this: In order to have a super quick meal (think faster than Rachel Ray on 30 min. meals) you don’t have to sacrifice any form of nutrition.

Try not to go all judge on me, and I will tell you one of my quick “go to meals” when I really don’t want to cook!


I guess I should have told you, that my daughters refuse to eat the “yellow” of an egg.

Seriously though, how Quick is this meal. Popp a tube of biscuits, boil some eggs in one pot and broccoli in another. 15 minutes tops! And let’s be honest here, this is obviously NOT one of those meals that you have to be at the stove for.

Easy Peasy Smile

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