Thursday, January 31, 2013

Butterflies in the winter



How cute is this… the craft, not the amazing little girl! While at the ice carving festival, there was also a wellness expo going on in our local supermarket’s side deli. To keep warm, we bopped around the expo for a bit. My lil punkin’ here is the crafty one, she loves being creative any way possible. When the lady invited her to make this cute butterfly, she was up for it.

What do you need?

1 ziplock baggy

1 clothespin (colored pretty with markers of course)

a pipe cleaner (folded in half)

some yummy food or candy

How easy is that? The possibilities are endless. I am thinking a springtime birthday party craft, or Valentine’s craft with conversational hearts in place of the goldfish?! How about homemade caramel popcorn with red sprinkles and white chocolate, red pipe cleaners with red heart antennae tips. Oh I love it! Must. make. some :)

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