Friday, March 1, 2013

Frederik Meijer Gardens

I had been wanting to go to the Frederik Meijer botanical garden & sculpture park for a couple years before we finally did. You know how that goes, right? You keep saying ‘Next year we really need to go to *insert some new place, not too far away*. We all know, you just never genuinely make an effort to get there though.


I had my couple of true excuses though. First off, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a ‘guy thing’ for my husband. Secondly, I wasn’t sure it was going to be ‘cool enough’ to drive so far for.

Two summers ago, my girls and I had a “girls day out”. I decided if it was a disappointment, it would only be a true disappointment for me this way. I didn’t play it up to the girls, just told them we were going to take a road trip to look at some pretty flowers.

When we drove up the long drive and this was in front of me, I could tell it was going to be amazing! I was in love instantly, and immediately didn’t care about the two hour drive I had just made.


Do you see that big greenhouse? Wait till you see what amazing things are inside!



Orchids and Venus Flytraps, amazing tropical flowers, and cacti.. oh my!


Outside of the greenhouse was this little beauty… thinking she’s not so beautiful? Here name is “mad mom”! Now you’re looking at her a little differently aren’t you? LOL I know I did!


There were other sculptures as well.. this one was my favorite! Yes that is my then 3 yr old under the horse…massive huh?


This was another cute little sculpture I took a picture of. The most important part about this one though? Umm it was in the Children’s Garden!


Yes, there was a whole other level to this garden & park. I am telling you guys, I was amazed around every new corner! See the ‘door’ on the side for the kids? A-door-able :)


This little guy is awaiting the children on the other side. He reminds me of Stewart Little.


A little ways up the path, a fountain.. and don’t worry guys, I am NOT giving everything away in this long post… there is so much to see!












  Like a treehouse?! Yes a two story, amazing treehouse  with a bridge and other “features” I won’t give away on here. There is just so many awesome things to see.


I just felt like it kept going and going, but in a good way.


I mean, how adorable is this alone? I wanted to take him home to my garden.


Did I mention that there is a farm here? Yes, a full on farm, sans people and animals living in it, but very cool none-the-less. There are bathrooms in the farm, but the rest is not for walking through.


I hope your mind didn’t “drift off” in this extra long post, but there is just too much. I loved every. single. last. thing. As I said earlier, I promise there is so much more to see that I haven’t given away on this post. I couldn’t find enough pictures before we went to put together if I wanted to drive so far, but believe me, it is so worth a long trip to see this place. Be sure to put on your walking shoes & sunscreen, and bring a stroller for any toddlers. My girls were “out” before I made it a mile down the road, but they still talk about it two years later.

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