Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Roz Puppets

As a mom, I truly want to be very connected to the school & the schools community. The way I see it, the people that are around my kids all day, NEED to be my business. So I have been trying to throw myself into any role I can at school. Anything that doesn’t conflict with work, I am in. We go to almost any after hours event that the school has as well, and that is how I came to know about these characters. Moms around my area might have heard of the Roz Puppets before, but I had not, before Friday that is.


Our school was having an event called ‘In your dreams’. It was a career fair in a sense, we had a nurse, teacher, graphic designer, police woman, & a firefighter. Once we heard from all of them, the Roz puppets were up next.

I have not seen my girls laugh that hard in a long time :) He was a huge hit! He read books, all the while having the puppets and himself comment through them. It was loads of fun, Alisa really liked the chipmunk, so she got her picture taken with him. He is quite cute, and his ‘voice’ even cuter.


I would highly recommend going to see him if you get the chance. Our PTO president said he likes to go around to the local libraries for performances. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for his next performance.

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