Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last year at this time, we were planning a trip to California, for a college graduation in the family. While out there we were lucky enough to be given tickets to visit Legoland from a family friend.


Let me tell you something: this was such. a. good. time! Me, my girls, & my MIL had an amazing time. I am not gushing because I was asked to, I just loved so many things about this place. The atmosphere was lovely, I had someone asking how our visit was going every single ride we went on. The ride operators asked if there was any way they could make our visit better, but my kids were already so happy! They got to “play in line” on every ride. There are coral areas with large legos in every. single. line.

The food was good, and when going to check out in line, the cashier was helping us to save money by getting the family deal plan. After, while visiting the bathroom, there were complimentary toiletries, I mean who does that?!

I know if you had asked my girls what their favorite part was, it would have been the pirate ships though.  While on the pirate ships, you can shoot your water guns at the other ships while everyone is moving on a track about the place. THEN, you get to get off the ride, walk around the side of the ride, and there are water squirt guns on the side to aim at the people still on the ride.  We were soaked, but it was all good, it was a hot day, and we were happy. :)

When it was closing time, was anyone rushing us out the door? Oh, absolutely not! We had time to take a few more pictures, like the one above.

We WILL be back. We truly enjoyed every moment.

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