Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chantico Dream

A long long time ago in a far away time, I would go to my local Starbucks and purchase this tiny little  (maybe) 4 oz. cup of dreamy chocolate. My younger self was not partial to coffee or the taste of it AT ALL (my how times have changed). This little cup was so cute, and honestly the sugaraholic in me could've drank 5 of them in one day. 

Then one day *gasp* I merrily skipped to Starbucks, only to have my heart crushed! They had discontinued my precious drink, apparently their were not enough people ordering it. I genuinely believe this to be because not enough people knew about it!
Why were they not advertising this magic?!
Okay, I digress...

Fast forward about a decade, no I'm not kidding...
While in California visiting relatives I found some yummy chocolate bars, like the extra special *wine-tastebud-quality* chocolate. This was the kind of chocolate that would be sacrilege to just open and eat, so I brought it back home and stewed over what special thing to do with it.

You guessed it! I had a sudden flashback to my precious chantico, so I got to work trying to find the perfect recipe. I had one shot to get it right, and SO right it was!
I halved this recipe, considering I didn't have enough chocolate to make a full batch, and it was still perfect I assure you.

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