Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ding Ding Ding

Here is some information that I want to do my part of getting out to every.single.mother! Every single parent, grandparent, heck every single person that eats in fact. I am so thankful that she puts all of this knowledge in honest terms. For the most part I have a "live your life" mentality and everyone should make their own choices, BUT this is one thing I can get upon my soapbox about. She really hits me in the heart at "A fundamental shift happen in the way we produced food. It was introduced by a chemical company, it definitely helped them sell more chemicals, but it was introduced without ever informing the American public that it had happened."

Does this only disgust me?! I was eating chemicals hand over fist for years, even while pregnant, without knowing. I know a lot of mothers out there that have said, and I quote: "Do what ever you want to me, hurt me, curse me, but don't ever harm my children". This. This! Is why I am angry about this.... my kids are helpless, and apparently the American public is too.

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