Friday, December 5, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle my Christmas Stars

Before you get too excited by these lovely images, please note they are not my photos, and *sigh* not my living courters either. I am madly in love with this entire kitchen, but the only thing I can claim is that this beautiful star from IKEA. 

Now that I not longer have to drive two hours to visit IKEA, I love it all the more. It is nice to see something unique, not the same ole same ole at the other big box stores. Must be that European influence I love! wink, wink ;)

When we lived in the MidWest it was so unusual to pay a visit, it became almost an "event" to get to go. Now that I live close-ish, I run in and out often, and have even went there just to have breakfast... its taking some getting use to. 

Anyhow, back on subject... here are our spares Christmas decor this year, this also is taking some getting use to. They are quite lovely, but simple.. they will make a great addition to my others next year in a house. :)

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