Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Valentine's Printable

It is Valentine's Day!

Do you have something special planned for your sweet heart? Maybe you've already celebrated with your love ones this past weekend? This is what we did, and I had a wonderful weekend. I got time out of the house, sans kids ;) For this, my little princesses got little necklaces for their Valentine's Day gift. They also got a cute heart tin with three chocolates inside... perfect amount for a 3 and 4 year old.

Everyone who would like to download can also benefit from my little R&R. I have a free printable for you, and you, and even you!

If you'd like to download this file please click on the link below.


  1. Thanks for the printable :). I look forward to reading more...

  2. You're welcome! Glad you liked it <3 Thanks for stopping by my blog :)