Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Finds- Clinique Lip Gloss

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I had to blog about my new found love. I know it is cheesy to say, but I feel like a 13 year old girl again when I put this lipgloss on. I remember my first lipgloss being thick and almost a sticky element {to make it say on all day, of course} and this has the same thing going for it. You can imagine my gittyness when I went to purchase my facial wash, and it was bonus time! Then I pulled each piece out, and at the bottom of the bag was this. Can I just say Love, Love, Love. Some of you might be thinking that it looks way to pink, & I did too, at first. Once you get it on, it is a hint of pink-ish with a sparkle... but not sparkles like 13 year old girls wear. My opinion here is only my own, but I really do love it.

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