Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Finds-Thirty-One Bags

Last Sunday ago, I was invited to a "party", & I want to start by saying it was not your typical "tupperware" party. I know some of you roll your eyes every time that invite comes and ask yourself "What are they selling now?" but I am here to tell you product & hostess, I had an enjoyable time. Consultant? A cherry on top.. not too pushy, down to Earth, and dare I say fun & sweet :)
We, as women, all have a slight obsession with purses/bags/totes... Especially those of us with babies & toddlers. We just have sooo much stuff! When my husband asked me "Why do women like shoes and purses so much?" It dawned on me: they always fit! Whether we want to admit it or not, we don't stay the same size forever. Think about all those clothes you have given away to Goodwill or handed down to those cute little teeny-boppers you know that can still fit in them. But purses/bags/shoes? Bet you still have some of those from college right? right?
That all being said, what better way to celebrate your new discovery with a new bag?!
thirtyonegifts has some really cute stuff. Go check them out and even if you are saving up for something important, you at least deserve a new wallet. I personally justified the small insulated tote for packed lunches, or summer snacks for the kids. It was so much more healthy for them to eat grapes and cheese than tada chips and candy bars. See! It is so worth it :)
My personal consultant at the party was Erin Wolff, & let me tell you she was such a sweetie. She is a stay at home mom doing this on the side, so if you can justify something like I did, go show her some Love at her link.

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