Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maya's Clubhouse

Maya is/was in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so it wasn't even an option on what we were doing for her second birthday. I know that is a predictable theme, but hey we make our kids happy, right? I have to say first off, there is something to be said about a store bought cake, leaves me more time to pay attention to details. I really did like this cake, store bought or otherwise. The summery theme, Minnie sunbathing & Mickey surfing, cute huh?
I made a few printable things for the party. As you can see here, the Minnie's Raspberry Lemonade & Mickey's Berry Punch, were a hit.. due to the cute signs? hmmmm I wonder :)

Lucky for my kids, I work at a label company, so water labels were made with all Clubhouse characters included. I also included all the characters in the banner with the coordinating balloons. I cut Maya's name out of cardboard and wrapped them in tin foil as well. It glistened in the sun, which you can't really tell here unfortunately. The top right photo is of treat bags, I just happen to stumble upon red and blue ones on a clearance rack one day. I of course had to buy Mickey Ears for every kid. They all looked so sweet in them :) The Clubhouse banner was suppose to go above our entry gate to our back yard, but it was a rainy day, so we had the party in the garage. I still love the styrofoam Mickey head.

Perfect ending to a perfect day/party... Glow bracelets and necklaces. The fireflies were out and the glow jewelry was too! This is the best thing about having a summer party. Lots of fun outside, even into the dust hour.

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