Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strawberry Crepes

You may or may not have seen our crepe cart we made for Miss Alisa's 1st birthday party. Let me tell you a little story about Palacinke and crepes. When my husband started dating he introduced me to his favorite dessert, palacinke. He went on and on about it before I actually got to see, smell, or taste them. I later found out they are indeed actually what we Americans call crepes, with Nutella in/on them. I am not {I know this will disappoint many} not a big fan of Nutella so I really didn't care too much for them. As you might guess this upset my then boyfriend. If it was up to him he could eat them everyday {no joke}. He would, however, need to inlist the help of me to get this ;) I was intemidated by making those flimsy things. So I all but refused. Fast forward a few years, we came upon a crepe shop in an outdoor mall. Once I it occurred to me that I could put anything on a crepe I wanted, this quickly became our favorite spot to be. They later closed down that shop {because midwest Americans do not appreciate them for what they are} and I started to buck up a little and tried my hand at them. I of course messed them up time and time again, until recently....

I snuck into the kitchen, my family oblivious to what was coming, and tried my hand one more time, with no one teaching, hovering, or judging. I quickly realized what I was doing wrong all along, and no Mr. hubby it wasn't the amount of oil, or them temp of the pan... It was the fact that I didn't give it enough set up time! I was so scared that they were going to burn before. What about you all? Do you love crepes? Are you intemidated by making them? What are your favorite ingredients on them? My ingredients of choice are Strawberries, Whip Cream, and Cheesecake pudding. YES! They make that! So goooooddddd........

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  1. WOW, this looks delish and yes I sneek into the kitchen sometimes, but my trips usually involve chocolate, lol. I ♥ crepes and fave are cream cheese.