Friday, May 27, 2011

Can I be a Negative Nancy today?


I know it is Friday and all, but it is almost the Memorial Day weekend, and booooo… It is crappy outside! I am so sick of this rain, the nasty wind, overcast skies, & TORNADOs! Can it just be nice outside already.. Come-on I have FUN projects to get to outside. Okay we all need to vent a little some times, thank you for listening. You’re all true friends if you made it through this much… now for your reward (no thanks to negative sunshine outside).


Isn’t she a beauty? My first strawberry from the garden… I washed her off carefully, skimmed the tippy-top off and popped it into my mouth! My reminder that summer is right around the corner… Right?! Gee I hope so...


  1. The strawberry looks amazing! I'm hoping the blues passed by quickly and you're having a wonderful and fun holiday weekend.

  2. Thank you Jenni. We did a lot this weekend, I will post about it soon, so keep checking back. We have a Kai Lan party in the works!