Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

I know I went from uber-yucky feeling to wonderfully happy in just 4 days! Let me tell you, this weekend is Exactly what the doctor ordered! I decided before the weekend began, it was going to be a weekend of projects and relaxation. You are all asking, how can you relax with tons of projects on your plate?! Well, you see my friends, I am a runner {not like that… I only truly run if a bear is chasing me}. I love to be on the go all the time. After my California crazy vacation, and the very next weekend being in the car for over 6 hrs. with two toddlers, I was ready to be HOME! I rarely ever say that.

Projects will be posted about soon, but for now take a gander at these gorgeous Bosnian desserts. Lovely aren’t they?

DSC_0823       DSC_0822

The one time that I got out and about this weekend was to go to a graduation party. We have had quite a few of them this year. I love how they make you feel optimistic about the future, with all their fresh faces Smile

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