Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nude is IN now!


No this is not a triple X post. I just came across something wonderful the other day that was a MUST have, and it was a financially feasible purchase. These things rarely happen at the same time in my world.

I stumbled across this on Pinterest (It’s a serious addiction people!) and decided it was my turn to be IN the trends for a change… okay so maybe it’s not a trend, but I like to think it is Smile 

I went to Wal-Mart and scoured the aisles to find something similar. It might only be nail polish, but it IS Dior. I am only to assume it is $10 a bottle or something. (Are you all laughing at me now?) I have no idea! Regardless I found something very similar in the Rimmel line, then I saw the cute little crown on top (it was close to the Royal wedding) and my heart melted. Plus $4 I can do Winking smile So what do you all reading think? Love right?!



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