Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother’s Day is upon us…


So I know that mother’s day is suppose to be about all the other moms, but I waited my whole life to be a mother, now I AM! I have inherited all that comes with motherhood… I’m sure you all know what I am talking about Winking smile. So let’s just say, I get a little self-centered during this time of year. My stepmother, mother, mother in law, and grandmothers get their share, don’t worry!

I know you are all asking, “Just what does she want this time of year?” right… right? Well, not too much just ummmmm, everything on my JUST FOR ME. board on Pinterest.

Too much to ask? OK, lets start with these two things then.




Both of these things are Kate Spade. I have been a fan of her stuff for over a decade now, don’t ask how old I am now, hehe. I am extra partial to her more recently, because of her company’s work in Bosnia. I am sure we all know why Winking smile.


  1. Your blog is fantastic...I can see I'll be stopping by daily!

  2. awww.. thank you, I appreciate that :) Feel free to be a follower as well