Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plane ride with children



I have a feeling some of you just sighed really hard, some of you might have rolled your eyes {or at least wanted to}. But no. Seriously. My kids were angels on the plane. I know, isn’t that grand? Granted they had my full undivided attention 90% of the time, so maybe that is what kept them calm. We drew pictures {of the plane if you can’t make it out} and colored with Color Wonder markers {seriously the best invention ever}.


Sorry for the blurry pix, but they were taken with my phone. The camera, along with basically everything, was packed very ummm… tightly in carry-on bags. Is everyone else tired of paying ridiculous fees for luggage? Luck for my family I am a plan-ahead-great-packer-kinda-mommy Smile What I didn’t have a problem buying however, was this wonderful little diddy. All I can say is yummo! I had a ginger ale, and the “Tapas”. Filled with fancy pants cheeses and crackers, HUMMUS, and almonds. I didn’t get any of those, my little munchkin gobbled them all up. How can you say no to your children eating healthy-for-them food? I almost forgot that little jar in the middle. It was bruschetta in a jar. So. Flippin’. Good!


Overall, great trip, including the trip back.

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