Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A first time for everything!

So remember this winter when I went ice skating for the first time, it was then and there I decided to start doing things I normally wouldn’t do. Nothing crazy like jumping off a bridge or anything, but just break out of my box a little bit. I am still vowing to do this, but baby steps people!

I have something new to share with you. Remember nothing crazy, just new.

I. tried. sushi!


It was eh, nothing bad, nothing great. I was told it is something you have to get “use to”. I can relate, I totally didn’t think avocado was anything grand the first time I tried it either. Now I am not lying when I say I could sit and eat one right out of the skin for breakfast!

I will try it again, but I have to say I definitely liked the “non-raw-fish” kind better. Someday I will be somewhere fancy-like, where they will have the delish freshest sushi ever, and I am sure I will love it then, because by that time I will have “gotten use to it”.

How about you all out there? Sushi, good or bad?

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  1. I LOVE Sushi... it did take me a bit (and the fresher the better) but, now I can eat just Sashimi (which is just the raw fish with no rice!)-- I'm 7 months pregnant now and cannot wait til I can have some real sushi again! It is great you are trying new things!

    BTW.. thanks for stopping by my blog!