Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something Borrowed


I have a good friend from high school that reads like crazy. Like Books {yes plural} in one day! Not me. I am terrible when it comes to reading. It takes me weeks {yes plural} to read ONE book. Until this book! I have my own story to tell about this book. It is like a whole thing for me… lots of memories and nostalgia connected. I wish I could tell Emily my connection with this book, but since I can't, I will tell all of you in hopes one day she will read my post.

Rewind about um 6 years. I was planning my own wedding, which we all know translates into hemorrhaging money. My husband and I would go to Barnes and Noble for free entertainment {thank you Barnes and Noble}. One night I was ready to head out and my husband was frantically taking notes {hehe}, so I picked up this new release in hard back cover. Seriously the 23$ hard back book! Long story short I got through the first chapter and couldn’t put it down. My loving finance {at the time} gave the approval to get me out of there. I was up till 4 am! Back up at 9 to finish by noon.

I past it along to my friend I was talking about earlier in this post. Then to my gramma, then my step-mom. When she gave it back to me at my bridal shower, I had to tell everyone around about it too, this lead to two more people in line. It made it’s rounds by my wedding.

Fast forward a couple years, my husbands cousin bought it to read on the plane from California. When she came in my door I had to tell her the same story I am telling you. We all {all ten of us} bonded over this book. It’s a great chick book, let me tell ya.

Fast forward till a month ago.. I was planning my California trip when I sat down to a FaceBook from my packing. I opened up a YouTube link sent by the same cousin. A trailer. of my. yes MY. movie! I was in shock at first, then tears! Yes people I am a crier. I was so overwhelmed with feelings about the whole thing.

While I was in California, I went to see the movie with said “cousin” and we both very much enjoyed ourselves. I loved the part where the author makes her cameo appearance, yes I noticed!

Moral of the story is: Whether or not you watch the movie, you HAVE to read the book! It is sooo good. And P.S. Yes I have read the second one "Something Blue" {while a great book, just not as much meaning attached}

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