Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sea World in 3 Hours


I know what you are all asking, “Why only 3 hours”? Well we got a late start on the road to San Diego, and I SWEAR I saw the website say they closed at 8 pm. Well {sigh} guess not! I did get us 20% off by simply making the comment that I screwed up.


In our silly three house you will see, from this post, we go to do nearly everything I wanted to do. Seriously! We walked in the door and immediately were second in line to take this picture. Totally by accident.


We jumped quickly to the first show on the schedule, which was starting in 5 min. How more planned could that be?! By the time we completed this show with cotton candy, it was time to start. This picture is the set of the “Pet show”. It was totally cute with all the dogs, cats, & birds. It is amazing how these animals are.



When that show was over, we walked across the park in time to get an awesome seat at the Dolphin show. Of course this is the reason we wanted to go. The girls & I are big fans of dolphins. I really want to swim with the dolphins, to the extent that it is a running joke between my husband and I. The show was amazing! It was worth every penny, and later after the show we walked over to the dolphin tanks. I was an inch. an INCH! from touching the dolphin. We did not a lot of time, or I would have honestly stayed there all night to touch one. Oh well! next time I guess.


There was a tower, in the sky, way up high! This is another one of my suck it up moments. I do not like heights. But it is time to start doing things that I am not completely comfortable with. The girls loved being that high, not me. By we had time to do it, line and all.


Shamu came over to the glass to wave to us! Doesn’t it honestly look like he is waving. We were the only ones by the glass, and he swam right over his giant pool right to us! We didn’t get to see his “show” but this was so much better.


Last but not least, we met Elmo & Zoey. Too cute! Overall, I feel we had an amazing trip in just 3 hours!

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