Friday, June 24, 2011

The Ft. Wayne Children’s Zoo


There is two things that I love about the Ft. Wayne Children’s zoo. The first, not as important as the second. First thing is when I go to the zoo in Ft. Wayne, I never have to lift my daughters to see any of the animals while walking around. Nice huh? Especially with two daughters under the age of 5. All the animals are in floor length cages or there is floor length glass in front of them.

The second thing might not be as important to you all as it is to me… makes me laugh every time I think about it, so I wanted to share it with you. When we get ready to go to this particular zoo, my oldest always asks if we are “going to Africa?”


The first time that we went to this zoo last summer, I asked her if she was ready to go to the Africa part {you have to go into a tunnel, under a main road, to get to this part}… when we came home that night she told her dad “and we saw Africa”. I didn’t correct her. Then at the beginning of summer this year she asked me one day out of the blue… “mommy, the sun is here again, can we go back to Africa now?” I didn’t correct her again. The things we do as parents!  When we were getting ready on Saturday morning I told Alisa, go ask your dad if he is ready to go to Africa today. It brings a smirk to my face every time.


I understand why she talks about it with so much vigor. THIS is the first thing you see when you walk into this area.


I love the openness here.. there are zebras, ostriches, vultures, & wildebeests in this area, running around freely. Makes me feel a little better about the zoo experience. My favorite part of the “Africa experience” has to be the giraffes. They have a deck built to their height, as well as being able able to purchase lettuce leaves to feed them. 


The Australian Adventure has a slow moving log water ride & dingoes, as well as this…


No zoom needed, we were this close. He wasn’t sure about us, but he was the cutest when he stretched for us.


The Indonesian Rain Forest starts in a dome. There is a couple beautiful waterfalls inside, but beware of the mice on the ground. Eww.


One of my favorite parts of Indonesia is this cute little tree house above the forest. So. adorable.

And I think my kids like it too.


Overall we had a great day, my girls had so much fun….


I am sure we will be back! Smile

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