Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sorry for the Mess

Sorry for the hit and miss blogging... but we are planning a party over here people!
Lots of pictures to come on near-to-the-future-blogs :) I have my arms and hands full this week with lots of projects.
Here is one of my easier projects for this week. Chocolate dipped fortune cookies, yumm. For every 1 cup of chocolate, mix in one Tablespoon of Crisco. It makes the melting and dipping process so much easier. Also don't forget that double broiler, and don't let that water underneath come to a boil. I clumped up my first batch, but with these fail-proof tips, it was it was smooth chocolate thereafter.
P.S. Yes these are store-bought cookies, {need lots of time people!} from Aldi, who knew they sold things like fortune cookies there?!


  1. Its a double boiler...and Crisco? Ew...I am in a professional pastry class right now and what you were looking for was chocolate ganache, it uses cream instead of fat.

  2. Well Beth, I rely heavily on my Better Homes and Garden's Anniversary book, and that is what it called for. Tasted fine to me.. in fact the girls and I ate the chocolate right off the spoon ;)