Thursday, July 14, 2011

Green with LoVe not EnVy

I have many things in this life that I am in love with, some more than others, obviously. One of my favorite loves though… Green! Not just the color, but I love plants & gardening bunches as well. One of my new obsessions lately {thanks to Pinterest} is terrariums. I have been thinking to create one for a long time, but I got half-way serious about it once I started pinning other peoples.

Like with all crafts/projects, it practically has to slap me in the face to get started on it, & this time it did! I was roaming about my yard the other day, and what did I come across? Moss! Moss makes me happy to say the least, and it was exactly what I needed to start this terrarium. So I brought it in the house, got out my apothecary jar that my grandma “lent me”, and got to work.


I knew it was going to need something else, but I was still in the debating stage until… I walked into a local store downtown today. It’s a cute little store that has been calling my name for awhile now, however, today was the first time I had a minute and it was actually open. There actually wasn’t too much that overly impressed me, till I got to the very end of the store. They had a large selection of terrariums and mini-gardens {as they were calling them}. My youngest daughter was standing in front of one of the mini-gardens, when she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said “mommy, can we have this at home?”. I have to say, it WAS impressive. There were little pots with mini plants inside, a bike parked close to a pebble walking path, and a iron-archway with a vine crawling up it. I decided then and there it was time to add something to my little project at home.


We now have a scooter and a couple potted plants. The girls loved playing with the scooter, but were excited to see the finished project. I think my little one was impressed. It might not be the lavish mini-garden that she had asked for “when my birthday comes”, but it still makes a nice little centerpiece for our kitchen table.


I had some “left over” pieces, and haven’t decided what to do with this little one yet. It is quite cute, but so little I am not sure where to put it so it leaves a big impact. Maybe a shadowbox is in order… that’s just our little secret for now!


  1. Thank you very much my dear! I <3 them as well ;)