Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Carrousel–St. Joe, MI



Yesterday I told you all about how much I love the sprinklers at St. Joe, MI. Between the beach and the sprinklers, you would think that would be enough right? Absolutely NOT! Across the street from the sprinkler, there is the most amazing vintage carrousel they reconstructed. Is it so pretty? Apparently there was a small amusement park on the shore decades ago, but it was get old and rusty, so they had to tear it all down…Booo! However, they decided to reconstruct this wonderful carrousel and this time it is inside a building, to protect it from the elements this time.. Yeah!!! In the back of this building they also have a fully electric functioning, small, model size replica of how the amusement park looked like back in the day. As an added bonus? Popcorn and cotton candy as well. Man, I love this little beach town! If you’re in the area you should really visit.

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