Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Animals hanging around town


So I have been noticing more and more around villages/cities, they are having “animals” hanging around… have you noticed them?

Maybe I should do some explaining first! By “animals” I mean animal sculptures, & by hanging around town, I mean on the street corners, parks, and downtown areas. In South Bend area we had gorillas… in Elkhart, they have Elks (very appropriate, huh?)


A few weekends ago, we went to Saint Joseph, MI.. they too had “animals”, but they had various barnyard animals. They had wonderfully quirky names that went with them.


Baaahh Humbug


Heavy Metal Chick

Very cute, right? I feel blessed, everyday, for two major things.. first of all that I am able to go and share these quirky experiences with my sweet little family.. secondly that I still have slow-enough-paced-life that I can enjoy this silly quirky things! After all the simple things in life are the best.


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