Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrate with Sampita <3


Today is an extra special day at my house!

Today is Ramadan {Muslim holiday}, and will also be the first day of fasting, for my husband along with billions of Muslims around the world.  From sunrise to sunset they will fast for 30 days. I admire their will-power… no food, no drink.

I know I couldn’t do that!

Once the sun sets, it is Iftar (break of fasting) & I try to make something “special” for our meal. Generally I prefer to make a Bosnian meal, to show my husband how proud & supportive of him I am. He does enjoy “home cooking” just like the rest of us. His comfort foods just happens to not be chicken pot pie, like mine.

I also “like” to have some Bosnian desserts for us, at least for the first day of Ramadan.

As you can see I have pictured some of my husband & I’s favorites. Have I mentioned I love sugar? Well I do! Bosnian, American, or otherwise, sugar is Sweet, in more way than one.


The first one {white one}: Sampita pronounced Sham-pet-a… marshmallow fluff on top of a very thin layer of very dense cake, soaked in simple syrup. The chocolate on top? Just an added bonus Smile

The second one {one with fork}: Tulumba pronounced Ta-loom-bah… basically a churro, soaked in simple syrup for a day. One bite of this and you’ll be done! This is my husband’s favorite.

The third one {diamond shaped}: Baklava pronounced Ba-kla-vah… thinnest layers of pastry you can possibly think of with crushed walnuts mixed between. Also lots of simple syrup involved in this one. I am sure you have seen or heard of this one before, right?

Fourth and final one {coconut one}: Cupavci pronounced Choo-pav-see… sponge cake on the bottom, vanilla pudding in the middle, more sponge cake and a chocolate layer on top. The tip top? Obviously coconut. This is another one of my husband’s favorites.

I have tried to make Sampita before, not as easy as it looks! I am going to include links here so that you too can “try” your hand at the one that appeals to you the most.

Sampita * Tulumba * Baklava * Cupavci

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  1. Those look delish! If you end up making any I'd love to see how they come out!