Sunday, August 28, 2011

Artbeat 2011


It was a perfect day on Saturday for a festival… not just any fest, this was ArtBeat. It was only the second year we have attended ArtBeat, but it’s my favorite. My daughters have a blast when we go, there are tons of crafts on either side as we walk down. The library, the art museum, & many others eachs ponsor a free craft . There was free face painting, we colored our own fish, there were hats made out of paper grocery sacks, we created rings out of pipe cleaners, and insect as well… whomever planned out this event had to be a parent, though. There was numerous craft stands between these evenly spaced free craft booths. So while we were “looking” for the next free craft project to do, I conveniently got to look at amazing jewelry, beautiful paintings, and lovely handmade clothing. I really wanted to take a ton of pictures of all this lovely stuff, but you know how people are about their crafty ideas.. they are afraid people are gonna steal em! So here are a few pictures, but not the lovely things I speak of :/


Face paint – flower I love the layers of color & princess crown, made from bulletin board trim.


Pipe cleaner glasses – made by my 4 year old & pipe cleaner ring – too cute, huh?


Everywhere you turn – balloon sets like this one.. I <3 when artsy people are involved :)

love. this. festival! I wish this post would do it justice :/

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