Friday, August 12, 2011

Plitvice Dreamin’

It has been go, go, go this summer.. and I LOVE it! However, this weekend it is time to chill out for a couple days. Maybe some lovely cleaning, or make a mess in the kitchen in order to put a large meal on the table, for Sunday dinner. Of course the girls are asking me as I type.. “mommy can we go to the festable?” No ma’am! It’s time to chillout, although…. I’d much rather be chilling in a place called Plitvice, Croatia. Isn’t it a dream spot?


I was in love  the moment my Mother in law simply explained it to me. Then, I googled it & fell even deeper in love. Someday… Someday, I will experience it with all of my senses. Till then I have this lovely picture & my dreams Smile

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