Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School Kid @ Heart

We went around talking preschools for my daughter today. Although we didn’t nail it all down yet, we have decided we’d like to start sending her for at least two days a week. We hope that will prepare her to be ready for full day Kindergarten. I am a little “all over the place” on this subject for numerous reasons. This being my first child to go to school I am a little {okay a lot} emotional about all of this….So I went shopping {how I get past my emotions} & look @ the cute school supplies I found! {Very fitting for the day}.


I am totally a victim of product placement, but when it comes to any kind of holiday or event days, multiply that by ten {at least}. It is Back-to-school time again, & although I am not a kid, I am a kid at heart when it comes to the school supplies. Now add to the mix, The Beatles! I am partial to The Beatles. When did school supplies get so flippin cute? Now for the crazy part… I got all of these adorable things at Wally. Can you believe that? Now I MUST  go make a list in my New Beatles book :)

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