Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tinkerbell Party Revisited

I have noticed a ton of traffic on the Tinkerbell post I did last year. I wasn’t so great with the blogging process back then, & I re-found some of the pictures when trying to find something else recently. In a nutshell, here are some of my favorite details of this party, scaled up so that you too, can see the detail.


The one thing I would like to point out on this picture, is when making a candy-bar for just a few people, remember how much candy will be left over, if you decide to go “all out”. I fixed this dilemma by finding smaller jars to put just a handful of things in. I also stuffed tissue paper in the bottom of the larger jars, bringing the chocolates to the top.


The leaves in the background are just construction paper cutouts, taped to fishing line. Making these are one of my favorite memories about this party, but I am sure my hubby wouldn’t say the same. We were cutting and taping for at least an hour. They turned out great though, don’t you think? The little garden was my centerpiece, on the cheap. I found the hanging basket (yes that is what that is) on the clearance rack, because it was the middle of winter. I knew I would use it in the summer as well, so it served double purpose. The water bottle labels I designed myself, & I got label material from work to print them on, then I hand cut and placed them.

Overall,  I tend to buy things for our parties little bit, by little bit… when I find something on a Clearance rack that works, I just store it away for a bit. It makes things even more fun, not spending a ton at one time, and also the scavenger hunt for the right price makes things exciting as well ;)

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