Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chicago - Navy Pier

As much as I love the peace and quiet of Indiana {haha}, sometimes you just have to get to “the big city”… my personal favorite being Chicago. No really! I can honestly say that Chicago is my favorite city I have seen thus far. It is easy to find your way around downtown, there is just the right amount of people around without feeling crowded, and the buildings and streets are still lovely and clean {as clean as you can get in a city}. Of course, being a woman, that LoVes to shop, Magnificent Mile is my favorite, but Navy Pier is a close second. One thing you have to know about me, is I truly do like crowds, as long as they are not “bumper to bumper”. You may have noticed from all the festivals we go to, I just genuinely enjoy being around people. Navy Pier? Like a constant festival!


There is lots to do for kids, & adults alike. Inside there is a children’s museum and a stage for puppet shows and magician shows. There is a ferris-wheel and carrousel.


There are fun things for adults to do as well… A few restaurants {like Bubba Gumps} as well as a food court, and a ton of little tourist trap shops. There is also a garden upstairs as well as a stain-glass museum in the back. There are dinner cruises, which I am sure are lovely {I am guessing}, at least the ships & the views look lovely.


BUT this mama’s favorite? Margarita to go! Yummmm…


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