Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time to Fall into Fall…

Sorry for the lack of writing yesterday, we had visitors from California. While the California family goes back to their sunshine and warmth, it is starting to cool down a little in Indiana. Luckily for us, it is still “warm enough” out, but the leaves are changing, and we all know what is around the corner…


For now, however, it is Fall and the craftiness is in full bloom about this time! Fall brings dreamy things like: woven baskets, lawn ornaments for Halloween & Thanksgiving, stuffed knicknacks, and beautiful wreaths. I adore the crafting side of festivals, fairs, and bazaars!


Two weeks ago we went to my newest favorite, the Blueberry Festival. I discovered it a few years back, no matter what the plans for Labor Day, I try to include it.

We might not have Palms in Indiana, but we have handmade goods at their best :)

P1020451       P1020454

But, of course, the real reason the girls came along? The kettle corn… yummmm

{another one of Indiana’s finest}

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