Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Culture & Weddings


Yesterday I let you in on the not-so-secret secret, that I love weddings…. so when this beauty was in my mailbox, I was ecstatic! Look at all the detail on this invite. Plus I think I mentioned before that I am a graphic designer by day, so the typography on this makes my heart go pitter-pat.



The other thing about this wedding that was super close to my heart? It was, what I would call a mixed culture wedding. The brides family from India, and the groom’s family, from Bosnia. I get a little excited about this, since I am too in a mixed culture marriage. I really love the details of different cultures and their traditions. Since I am a American, and a product of the mixing pot, I did not have any strong cultural traditions growing up. Maybe this is the reason it intrigues me. Anyway about it… I was loving all the details of this wedding: the dresses, the dances, the music differences, & My all time favorite, the henna! Amazing? I think so.


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