Monday, September 26, 2011

A trip to D.C.

Last year for my birthday, my husband & I made a quick trip to Washington D.C. He had to conduct some business, and surprised me at the last minute that, P.S. I was going along! When I say quick trip, I mean we had a babysitter overnight… So I call this my “D.C. in 24 hrs.” trip. It was actually lots of fun, being rushed made us power walk our way through the mall. Then the next day, while hubby “worked”, I powered my way through a mall of a different kind.


Some people might be thinking not such a great trip, but it was just perfect for my first night away from my babies (2 &3 at the time).

Fast forward a little less than a year later and my brother was surprised by his girlfriend for his birthday. A weekend away in D.C. was just right for him.. he sort of likes it there :)


Now fast forward another 7 months, my brother returned the favor to his girlfriend for a little “getaway”… when he called my cell last night they were on their way to a Monuments by moonlight tour (which I didn’t know existed). He just give me a quick call to let me know there is a wedding in the future…My “little” brother is engaged!


I don’t know what is the best part of this situation? My brother is snagging himself an amazing girl, or I am getting a wonderful sister-in-law?! Oh , I <3 weddings!


Moral of the story? Washington D.C. is an awesome place where lots of fun is to be had, if you stay away from all that politics crap! hahaha

(and I am a big treehugger)

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