Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Silly Phrases & Weird Pumpkins…

I know it has been wickedly {pun intended} long since I wrote last. I had “company” as my grandma use to say, in fact that is who it was. It’s always lovely to have grandmas around, & especially lots of fun for the little ones. Lots of spoiling went on this past week!

We got to “run the roads” & “get a bite to eat” ALL week long. Don’t you just love old people lingo :) Makes me feel warm & cozy inside when I hear these certain sayings. What about you, do your grandparents/elders have funny lingo that makes you smile every time?

My youngest got a big girl bed out of this visit, lucky little girl, but didn’t sleep in it till grandma left. She was busy cuddling with grandma every night.

While she was here we Finally. got to go to the pumpkin patch. My girls had a lot of fun in the short time we got to stay. We went on a Friday, so between being pressed for time, and the fact that it is getting super chilly here… we didn’t stay much past getting pumpkins.


Lovely pumpkins they are, though, don’t you think? Every year we have to do a “family” set of pumpkins. My dear husband makes fun with me every year, “Mommy has to get a weird pumpkin again”. One year it was a curly stem, the next year a white one, & this year? Mine is the green one… isn’t she a beauty? <3

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