Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taste like Bud-dah

I have been on Pinterest again! That is my go-to for boredom now-a-days… I found something very interesting that I MUST share with you.


I can now make homemade butter. It is the Easiest thing in the world! Not joking!

Hop over to this website:

{‘cause that is where I found it via Pinterest}

Whipping Cream, Mason jar, Marbles, & Now start shaking… that’s it! My girls and I took turns, once one of us would get tired another one would take over. I loved it so much, I got to thinking I will buy organic whipping cream just before Thanksgiving & impress my family!

Yummmm <3


  1. Such a cool idea! Add in a little honey and Thanksgiving will be super tasty!

  2. Hey thanks for linking to me! I'm so glad you liked it and that it worked for you. I agree with JenniB, I think it would make fabulous honey butter. I'll have to try it.