Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grateful for Lil’ Helpers

I have many fond memories of baking/cooking in the kitchen with Grandma, so when my daughter asked to help, how could I say no? I hesitate a bit when she asked, I have two daughters & they fight over things (you know like sisters do). My oldest loves to be “grown-up” and she does everything very carefully and meticulously, but I still picture a big mess in my kitchen that I will need to clean up afterwards. May I also add, time is limited on “work nights”, and by the weekend, I wish to do nothing. (Sometimes I feel like a crappy mommy, not doing enough with my children) :/

Well on that note, sorry for the Debbie Downer moment, it is Christmas time! Time to bake cookies & make candies, and decorate the tree. All things that it is time for me to allow my kids to help with, and be thankful for their help as well!

DSC_0626 DSC_0625

She is such a good girl.. I told her to make sure her hand was behind her back the entire time so she didn’t smash her little fingers. As for the powdered sugar? less than a half a teaspoon on the counter by the time we were done! Such. A. Good. Girl! I have to give her more credit. She doesn't like messes either.

Then it was time to wrap gifts, for the “rest” of the family, of course. She once again asked to “help” and I hesitated (sucky mommy, yadda yadda). She took it upon herself to wrap the gifts that were going to her friend in the mail. Okay, I thought, I also am best-friends with the mom, & she will love the note that I will include. *Alisa wrapped all these herself* I already know the meaning of this will bring a smile to her face and a tear to her eye. Our kids are 3 weeks apart, and growing up together, no matter how many miles apart we are.

DSC_0616 DSC_0619

Once again she surprised me with how great she did! I need to remind myself that she has that perfectionist quality about her. Great job to both my girls: the older one for “helping” me, & the younger one for entertaining herself and not getting in her sister’s hair along her “helping” process.

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  1. Hi -

    So this might be a little random... there is a licence plate wall pocket, a flower planter with moss rose in it on pinterest that links back to your page. I may not be digging deep enought, but do you have instructions on how you made them? They look pretty simple, I am excited about them and would like to make them for my porch this spring.

    Thanks! My email is brynnelliott@hotmail.com