Friday, February 8, 2013

Adopting Cat in the Hat!


I’ve been around Pinterest, & teachers long enough to know that you are all on the hunt for new ideas to use with your kids. Well, I have one for you!

First let me start by saying I am very pleased to say, Alisa got a first year teacher for Kindergarten. My theory on this from the beginning is “at least she will be creative and clever, & thank goodness, she won’t be burnt out”. I was right!

We all love Alisa’s teacher, including Alisa’s little sister. I hope she gets the same teacher next year in fact.


Her Kindergarten teacher’s theme for her room is Cat in the Hat. They even have a red beta named “thing 1”.. how adorable is that!

Okay, enough rambling on!

Every family gets a turn to “adopt” Cat in the Hat for the weekend. I truly wish I would have taken a picture of it, but visualize for a moment: Cat, the Cat in the Hat hard cover book, Cat in the hat’s “journal” all come home in a Cat in the Hat bag. While you have him, your asked to take a few pictures, or even draw what you did in the journal. There are a few lines as well (they are in Kindergarten afterall) to record what your favorite moments were with him.










As you can see from all the pictures, and we have MORE, Cat in the Hat had loads of lovely adventures with our family! I believe Cat enjoyed watching Angry Birds, after all Cats like birds, right?!

We were lucky enough to find out about our local library holding an event called Science Alive! It was great… Cat got to pet a chicken and look through a telescope, AND even had adventures on a rocket!

Alisa loved it, Science Alive! AND Cat in the Hat.


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