Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovely Lighting

Now despite the fact that these fixtures are Huge, I still want them! Not exactly sure what I would do with them, but are they not lovely? The color, and the architecture of them are phenomenal. Where did I stop these beauties your might be asking?! At one of my local libraries… one that I obviously hadn’t been to before this past weekend. I think I was missing out, what do you think?


These too were hanging in the foyer. I think they look like fluffy clouds on the ceiling. These I was most impressed with because I believe I could make a version of.  


See what I mean? In this picture you can tell a bit better that a smaller version is feasible. To begin with, I believe you would need a hola-hoop and some white satin. These did not have lights inside, but if I were to make one, I would make it closer to the ceiling and put Christmas lights under it. SO what do you think? Worth while project or not? I know a  little girl who has a nature themed bedroom, and might like some “clouds” in it :)


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