Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Books! ABC Yoga

We have a small bookshelf in our living room, and although it is quite messy and cluttered, it is one of my favorite things in my house. It might not look the best, but it has a special place in my heart. It is shoved full of books, and they don’t make it back on the shelf in the most orderly fashion, but I could care less! This only means one thing, those books are getting plenty of LOVE.

When my oldest was around two, she would frequently pick books over toys, and a little later down the line, the same could be said about my younger daughter. This, to them, meant bonding time, and not alone time. Although it was tough sometimes, when they asked for a book to be read to them, I tried hard to sit down quickly there after to read it. We went to story time on my Wednesdays off work, and they still talk about it a year later.

So, when the Scholastic flyers started coming home, I was uber excited. The school has a great reading program in place, and so we read a minimum of 375 min. a month.

This past flyer I got a really cute book that I want to share with you. It combines our love of reading, and our need to get off the couch!


Here it is: The ABCs of Yoga for Kids… so stinkin cute. We had a blast doing these, and the poems are so good too. My girls were giggling even before I got on the ground with them.


I had my girls in hysterics while they were watching my do the “Frog”, they were belly laughing so hard, they couldn’t do their positions. It was loads of fun, and it was nice to notice I “did something” the next morning when I woke up. My arms got the bulk of the workout apparently. Nothing was overly stressful on the body, but holding each pose for 10 seconds must have been the kicker.

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